The Post in Which I am Truly Amazed…

Has it really been over a month since I last posted here? Wow. Well, I have had quite a few things going on and my internet has been spotty at best. In any event, an update awaits!

Edits have been completely finished for Assassin’s Heart and it is ready for release on April 9th. I am both nervous and yet, high school girl excited about this. This is my first book and I am nervous as to how it will be received by the public at large, but I am also excited because, well… it’s my first published book. The editing process was nothing like I thought it would be and while I was completely frustrated at the beginning, I am a little more comfortable about it now. The only thing I could do without, however, is reading my manuscript and feeling as though a friggin’ teenager wrote it when I know I am well and beyond my teenage years. Well… here goes nothin’!

I received the cover art for my second book this week and am so pleased with it. So pleased in fact that I am going to share it here with you now:


On Angel Wings

I am so completely tickled about finally seeing this, I don’t really have the words to share how much. I haven’t even seen the edits on this one, but I am fairly certain that they will be massive (if my first editing session is anything to go by). I am up for it though. This is a story that I felt so passionate about when I first wrote it and still do to this day. This one is tentatively scheduled for release next month. I say tentatively because it was originally due out for early May, but was pushed back twice, so I am a little nervous that it could happen again.




In other news, I am currently working on the first in a series of books (God help me). I have had an idea for awhile whose seed was planted by a very dear friend a few months ago, but it’s only been recently that I thought I could make a go of it. Here’s to hoping anyway. I have never really thought of myself as a series kinda girl, but who knows, maybe this will be such a good thing for me to actually undertake and complete.

I really think I need to spice up this blog a bit… got a few ideas… stay tuned! And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Assassin’s Heart on April 9th!




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