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Nerves, Nerves, Nerves

My new book, On Angel Wings will officially be released tomorrow and I am a bundle of nerves today. I plan to try and channel some of that nervous energy into writing and I think I might be pretty damned successful as doing that.

I’m going old school with my next manuscript though… handwriting the thing out and then typing. I did that for awhile when I was writing fan fiction and I found that it was so much easier to tweak things that I wanted to once I saw the idea actually on paper before I typed it out. With the series I have planned, that’s going to be the only way that I can keep my thoughts straight as I have a lot of things that I want to weave into the stories from one to the next. Let me just go on record now as saying the planning for this thing is already a massive bitch, but hopefully prepping beforehand will make the writing part go really smooth.

Here’s to my new release tomorrow and to the manuscripts that may be on their way to finding new homes!





Impending Release and A Little News

I am now less than a week from the release of On Angel Wings and I am more nervous about it than I was when Assassin’s Heart was released. I think it’s because with my first book I was/am unable to track the sales, but with the second, I can see how many people have already bought the book and I pray they enjoy it and don’t think they wasted their money.

No, I have not always been that sure of my writing abilities and even though there have been two publishers willing to take a chance on my stuff, for some reason I still have that seed of doubt in the back of my mind. Does that stop me from writing or sending my manuscripts out? Oh hell no. It makes me more determined to do something that might be out of the norm. I don’t write a lot of sweet romance type books, I like to write things that maybe a reader wants to take a chance on to read. I LOVE writing about angels and demons and mobsters and all that type of stuff. It’s where my head tends to stay… the 1920s and 30s also happen to be one of my most favourite times in history, so that helps. I have ideas of how Heaven is and how things work up there and I like to put my spin on it. Yes, I do think I might be in for a rude awakening when I get there (Gods let it not be for many, many decades yet).

At present, I am still waiting to hear back on two manuscripts I submitted about six to eight weeks ago respectively. You can read a little blurb about them on the manuscript status page. I am also in the process of trying to tie down the particulars of a series I want to start and of an idea that just popped up in my head a few days ago. Funny, that’s how my first book came about, with an idea that just popped in my head and wouldn’t stop nagging at me until I wrote it.

If you’ve picked up a copy of Assassin’s Heart and/or On Angel Wings (when it comes out), drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of it/them. Oh and if you haven’t already, check out the second fairy tale installment just below this post. You might like it. 😉


The Fairy Tale Series Part Two: Beauty

Fairy Tale 2: Beauty

In a time when magic was still believed in and people were still naïve to the dangers in world, a chef was the most celebrated in the land. Every recipe he created was delicious; so much so people would travel from far and wide just to partake of his delicacies. It was his love of food which had attracted his wife; a woman deemed to be the most beautiful in the land. The two married in their small cottage with only their families and the officiant present, all of whom wished them nothing but years of happiness and many, many children.

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