Nerves, Nerves, Nerves

My new book, On Angel Wings will officially be released tomorrow and I am a bundle of nerves today. I plan to try and channel some of that nervous energy into writing and I think I might be pretty damned successful as doing that.

I’m going old school with my next manuscript though… handwriting the thing out and then typing. I did that for awhile when I was writing fan fiction and I found that it was so much easier to tweak things that I wanted to once I saw the idea actually on paper before I typed it out. With the series I have planned, that’s going to be the only way that I can keep my thoughts straight as I have a lot of things that I want to weave into the stories from one to the next. Let me just go on record now as saying the planning for this thing is already a massive bitch, but hopefully prepping beforehand will make the writing part go really smooth.

Here’s to my new release tomorrow and to the manuscripts that may be on their way to finding new homes!






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