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Feeling Accomplished… Sort Of

I finished writing a manuscript for Silver Publishing’s holiday submissions. While I feel accomplished that I finished writing, proofreading and editing said manuscript, I am a bit worried as to my writing skills. Good grief, not only did I find a lot of words that I had misspelled that spell-check didn’t catch, but also a lot of words that I missed or added letters to. For example, instead of life, I typed out like. Wow… and then came all of the over-used words. That is a whole other can of worms that I really don’t care to get into. Suffice it to say, I will be more mindful of the words I choose to use and will be picking up a thesaurus tomorrow.


In other news, since I have finished that manuscript, I can begin anew with one I am anxious to begin. Yeah, I know, there are a lot of those out there, but this one… Oh Gods, I have been thinking about it for days and planning things out and plotting. I am excited to get started, so why haven’t I? Procrastination. I am the queen of that when it comes to writing sex scenes or beginning a new manuscript.


I need to be firm with myself. Writing is something I love to do and now that I actually can say I am a publisher author, well, I feel as though I have something to live up to and exceed with any following books. I need to stretch my wings and push myself to write things that are different, but appeal to me. Isn’t that what most authors do?


I hope any of you who read my excerpt for Six Sentence Sundays this past weekend enjoyed it. There will be another this coming Sunday from the Christmas manuscript I just submitted. Enjoy!





I have finished the Christmas manuscript that I started a few days ago, now comes the proofreading part of it. I both love and hate proofreading. I love it because I get to go in and add things that I may not have thought of when I was writing the story and I get to fine tune other things. However, I hate it because… well, who the hell likes to see the numerous errors they made that spellcheck doesn’t recognize. Now, while I am on the subject of spellchecking… how is it that it will catch words that I know are words, but yet the ones that aren’t it leaves them be as though they are part of some language yet to be discovered by humans? In all my years of writing, I have never been more confused by something.


In any event, I am glad the manuscript is done. I wanted to submit something for the Christmas season and the heat was on to come up with something before the deadline. I already missed one I really wanted to for the summer and I felt such a huge disappointment in myself for not completing that one. I have it in my WiP file and will finish it at some point. Up next is a YA book (possibly series?) that I have had brewing in my head for a few months now. I think it could be a good one if I take the time with it that I feel it deserves. And it just so happens that one of my publishers is opening a YA division, so my books may find a home there with them. To say that I am excited about the upcoming writing would be a huge understatement.


So, here’s to many more wonderful books and short stories!



Six Sentence Sunday

This is a snippet from a manuscript I recently sold to Total-E-Bound publishing. It is tentatively slated for release December 10th, 2012.

Devry snatched his hand back. “Asshole.”

“Yeah, but you love me.”

“You’d like to think that wouldn’t you?” Devry looked up at Holden with a grin on his face.

Holden gasped in mock shock. “So, you’ve been lying to me for two years?”

“Not exactly. When I’ve said ‘I love you’, I’ve actually been talking to your dick.”

Holden shrugged. “Well, at least you love some part of me.”

Number Three Under My Belt

I signed the contract for my third book a coupe of days ago. I am thrilled that the publisher wanted to take a chance on a plain, vanilla love story. I am still awaiting word on the manuscript I submitted to Silver Publishing. It’s been almost eight weeks since I heard that the acquisitions editor had it, so I am hoping to hear something soon. I want to be able to start on the series, but I don’t really feel comfortable doing that if the one to start it all has no home.

In any event, I am working hard on two things now, one for a special submission and another just because. Both have a Christmas theme, which is hard as hell for me to write in the summer in the desert where I live. Snow and cold? Just doesn’t happen here outside of winter. How the hell do recording artists sing about Christmas in the middle of the year?



Self Promotion and the Epic Fail

I’ve never really been one to just jump out there and tell the world that I am here. I have always been more comfortable easing into a situation, ya know, kinda feel it out to see if it’s somewhere where I belong. Unfortunately, I can’t do that with self promotion. I don’t self promote, my books don’t sell. My books don’t sell…well, frankly, no one knows that I am even here. Though my astrological sign would say otherwise, I am just not that outgoing on the internet.

When I first started writing fan fiction, I dipped my toe into it and wrote something that went completely against the grain. I wrote a story that had no love or sex or the like in it and it wasn’t really well received (see: people didn’t really read it). With my second and third jumps into the pool, I unfurled my wings and just went for it. I was comfortable and I wrote whatever it was in me to write. Now both of those…Good grief, I still get email from the sites where that stuff is posted that people are saving it and loving it and this is almost five years after I first wrote them.

With my last (and longest) dip into the pool, I amassed a readership that I loved dearly and was sad to leave behind, but as with all good things, they must end and I wanted to do other things. So, here I am…doing other things and not having a clue at how to let a wide audience of people know that I am doing them. Yes, I am on Twitter (@PiperWhitney) and I am on Facebook (name: Piper Whitney) and I obviously have a blog, but beyond that I am at a complete loss. One of my publishers says to join Yahoo! forums and the like, but with such a large amount of people there, I don’t want to end up just another small voice that no one hears in the crowd. Yes, I realize that I have to get out there and get it done, but I am really unsure of how to make a splash without completely failing.

In any event, I am fairly certain I will think of something and if not, I have quite a few folks I can ask for tips.


Okay, on to something less…self tragic, if you will. I have updated my status page. Removed WiP that I am not actually working on anymore and added one that I hope to have finished in time for a special submission call. I also have added links for my books On Angel Wings and Assassin’s Heart, so if you haven’t picked up copies, please feel free to do so through those links. 😉

On the writing front, I have plans for some things which I think will be rather good. I should be starting the series I want to write soon, though, that one might take me a little bit. I intend to write that sucker out long hand to do the story some justice and I have another series in the works, though that is for YA. *GASP!* Yes people, I want to try to write something a little more mainstream along with the usual stuff I write. It’s that whole spread my wings thing, dontcha know. Now that series…different pen name and whole other can of worms when the time comes for self-promotion. Oy Vey!