I have finished the Christmas manuscript that I started a few days ago, now comes the proofreading part of it. I both love and hate proofreading. I love it because I get to go in and add things that I may not have thought of when I was writing the story and I get to fine tune other things. However, I hate it because… well, who the hell likes to see the numerous errors they made that spellcheck doesn’t recognize. Now, while I am on the subject of spellchecking… how is it that it will catch words that I know are words, but yet the ones that aren’t it leaves them be as though they are part of some language yet to be discovered by humans? In all my years of writing, I have never been more confused by something.


In any event, I am glad the manuscript is done. I wanted to submit something for the Christmas season and the heat was on to come up with something before the deadline. I already missed one I really wanted to for the summer and I felt such a huge disappointment in myself for not completing that one. I have it in my WiP file and will finish it at some point. Up next is a YA book (possibly series?) that I have had brewing in my head for a few months now. I think it could be a good one if I take the time with it that I feel it deserves. And it just so happens that one of my publishers is opening a YA division, so my books may find a home there with them. To say that I am excited about the upcoming writing would be a huge understatement.


So, here’s to many more wonderful books and short stories!





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