Piper Whitney and the Epic Fail

Good grief. I received my first rejection for a manuscript and to be completely honest, after having gone through and re-edited the thing, I am damned surprised that the editor didn’t send it back along with a recording of them laughing hysterically. Yes, folks, it was that bad. Thing is, I’m not quite sure how it happened like it did. I caught myself proofreading it and it seemed fit for submission, but when I looked back over it… well, suffice it to say I am fucking embarrassed that I let that thing slip out to a publisher.

It’s taken me a few days, but I think I have some issues sorted out and am getting ready to check for over used phrases and words. Those always seem to be my downfall. And sadly, it never occurs to me that I do it as I am writing the story, only once I go back to re-read for clarity and such do I find things and scratch my head and wonder “Why the hell did I say that there when I could have said this?”

I don’t claim to be an expert novelist, though I certainly aspire to be a good one and as one of the acquisitions editors for one of my publishers said, it’s a learning process. Yes, it most definitely is. I am sure I will make mistakes as I learn and I welcome those mistakes. Without mistakes, we won’t ever learn.


There I go with the repetitive words and phrases. 😉





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