Trial and Error

So, it took me almost a week to thoroughly go through my rejected manuscript and fix what I saw to be completely… well for lack of a better word, fucked. I have resubmitted it and will wait anxiously to hear back on it. Last time it took them almost eight weeks to say no, I wonder how long it’ll take this time.

I’ve also gone back to working on my fairy tale series. That one, I am taking a look at a bunch of different publishers. It’s by far the longest piece I have written and it’s not even done yet! Completed so far: Sleeping Beauty (which is posted here), Beauty and the Beast (also posted here), Cinderella and Snow White. Currently in progress: Little Red Riding Hood. That last one is giving me fits. I have a few different ways that I want to tackle it and when I get started going in one direction… I end up not wanting that one and going in another. I doubt this thing will ever get done enough for me to submit it, but I must keep chugging on. 🙂

Manuscripts on the horizon. There are many. *insert grin here* I have taken a few days off from writing, but will be back hard at work tomorrow. I have a YA novel to start and I really want to get that going. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I hope it will be something that will allow me to jump to mainstream writing. Yes, I love writing the M/M, sex stuff, but I also want to be able to have something out there that I wouldn’t mind my teenager reading. He’s so proud of his mom for taking the step to get published and he’s my biggest fan, but he can’t read any of my work. Not yet at least… I feel he’s too young, but one day, I’ll share my works with him. Who knows? I may inspire him to write as well.

One can only hope.





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