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Release Day!!!

Fractured Heart is now available through Silver Publishing. You can pick up a copy by clicking the cover image to the right. 🙂 I hope everyone who gets a copy enjoys it.





Welcome Home!

Welcome Home has gone on pre-order through Total-E-Bound. You can order your copy by clicking the cover over there in the side bar. It will be released January 21st, 2013.


Bridging the Distance

This was something I submitted to a publisher and they decided not to buy it. No worries, I’ll share it here for you lovely folks. Please forgive any editing issues, I admit wholeheartedly I am not the best editor out there. Hope you enjoy the story.


Elijah knew it was too early to be awake, but he couldn’t help it, his mind was filled with thoughts – memories – of the four years he and his lover, Carter, had spent together. In the beginning, as with all relationships, they had been hot and heavy, forty-five year old Carter could barely keep his hands off Elijah, but now? It seemed as though they had fallen into a routine. A routine consisting of morning kisses when they would part ways to go to their jobs, Carter as the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company and Elijah to his small sandwich shop, Crusts Off. Their nights were spent barely speaking as they had dinner then sex. Elijah couldn’t call it making love anymore since it had lost the tenderness, the closeness, he had once felt. He knew it was now more about getting off than an expression of the feelings they had for one another.

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