Just Who Is P.F.?

Welcome to my little piece of the internet.

First thing’s first – my name is P.F. Whitney and I aspire to be an author. I tend to focus on M/M relationships, but do not limit myself to that genre.

My stories tend to be more plot driven than sex driven. My motto, one does not need to have tons of sex within a story in order for the story to sell. I do believe that a book/story can sell by the story being told alone and that the sex is just the garnish, if you will, on the dish, not the main ingredient.

My inspiration comes from something as simple as a piece of music, all the way to a dream that I may have. So there tends to be different subject matters for what it is I write. I also attempt to write as descriptively as possible, but not so much that I leave nothing to the readers imaginations. My goal is for readers to see the story in their heads as a movie playing out as that is the way that I write.

I hope that you will enjoy any stories that may come down the pipeline as I have a few out to publishing houses at the moment.

Thanks for dropping by!



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