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Bridging the Distance

This was something I submitted to a publisher and they decided not to buy it. No worries, I’ll share it here for you lovely folks. Please forgive any editing issues, I admit wholeheartedly I am not the best editor out there. Hope you enjoy the story.


Elijah knew it was too early to be awake, but he couldn’t help it, his mind was filled with thoughts – memories – of the four years he and his lover, Carter, had spent together. In the beginning, as with all relationships, they had been hot and heavy, forty-five year old Carter could barely keep his hands off Elijah, but now? It seemed as though they had fallen into a routine. A routine consisting of morning kisses when they would part ways to go to their jobs, Carter as the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company and Elijah to his small sandwich shop, Crusts Off. Their nights were spent barely speaking as they had dinner then sex. Elijah couldn’t call it making love anymore since it had lost the tenderness, the closeness, he had once felt. He knew it was now more about getting off than an expression of the feelings they had for one another.

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The Fairy Tale Series Part Two: Beauty

Fairy Tale 2: Beauty

In a time when magic was still believed in and people were still naïve to the dangers in world, a chef was the most celebrated in the land. Every recipe he created was delicious; so much so people would travel from far and wide just to partake of his delicacies. It was his love of food which had attracted his wife; a woman deemed to be the most beautiful in the land. The two married in their small cottage with only their families and the officiant present, all of whom wished them nothing but years of happiness and many, many children.

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The Fairy Tale Series Part One: Sleep

In an ivory castle in a far away land, a beautiful queen with pale, pale skin and dark hair sat in her bathtub, large brown eyes trained out of the window as she ran her bath sponge up one of her slender arms, leaving in its wake a trail of rose scented bubbles. She and her husband, the king, had wanted a child of their own and for years, they were not blessed with the sound of a little one in the castle. Sighing softly, she lowered her hands to the water and sniffled softly. “Am I to be cursed to never know the joy of having a child? What have I done to displease those who might bless me with such who my husband and I can share our love?”

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Just A Taste

I wanted to share a little background on myself and my writing. While I began writing when I was a kid, I didn’t actually really get into it until much later. I am a former fan fiction writer. I have a ton of things I wrote that I would love for the mainstream public to read, so I am editing (and in some cases completely re-writing) some of the shorter stories I wrote. I will be posting those here as well as some new shorts for freebies. I will also be sending said freebies to my publishers as free reads. Hopefully I can begin to build a fan base for my writing. Gods, I hope so.