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Why What I Love Is Also What I Loathe

I have been thinking long and hard the last few days as I toiled over editing a manuscript for a third try at submitting. I love writing, it’s something that I have wanted to do since I was a child and I am so grateful that there have been two publishers willing to take a chance on me three different times. Now, on the flip-side of that coin, I also hate writing. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

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Self Promotion and the Epic Fail

I’ve never really been one to just jump out there and tell the world that I am here. I have always been more comfortable easing into a situation, ya know, kinda feel it out to see if it’s somewhere where I belong. Unfortunately, I can’t do that with self promotion. I don’t self promote, my books don’t sell. My books don’t sell…well, frankly, no one knows that I am even here. Though my astrological sign would say otherwise, I am just not that outgoing on the internet.

When I first started writing fan fiction, I dipped my toe into it and wrote something that went completely against the grain. I wrote a story that had no love or sex or the like in it and it wasn’t really well received (see: people didn’t really read it). With my second and third jumps into the pool, I unfurled my wings and just went for it. I was comfortable and I wrote whatever it was in me to write. Now both of those…Good grief, I still get email from the sites where that stuff is posted that people are saving it and loving it and this is almost five years after I first wrote them.

With my last (and longest) dip into the pool, I amassed a readership that I loved dearly and was sad to leave behind, but as with all good things, they must end and I wanted to do other things. So, here I am…doing other things and not having a clue at how to let a wide audience of people know that I am doing them. Yes, I am on Twitter (@PiperWhitney) and I am on Facebook (name: Piper Whitney) and I obviously have a blog, but beyond that I am at a complete loss. One of my publishers says to join Yahoo! forums and the like, but with such a large amount of people there, I don’t want to end up just another small voice that no one hears in the crowd. Yes, I realize that I have to get out there and get it done, but I am really unsure of how to make a splash without completely failing.

In any event, I am fairly certain I will think of something and if not, I have quite a few folks I can ask for tips.


Okay, on to something less…self tragic, if you will. I have updated my status page. Removed WiP that I am not actually working on anymore and added one that I hope to have finished in time for a special submission call. I also have added links for my books On Angel Wings and Assassin’s Heart, so if you haven’t picked up copies, please feel free to do so through those links. 😉

On the writing front, I have plans for some things which I think will be rather good. I should be starting the series I want to write soon, though, that one might take me a little bit. I intend to write that sucker out long hand to do the story some justice and I have another series in the works, though that is for YA. *GASP!* Yes people, I want to try to write something a little more mainstream along with the usual stuff I write. It’s that whole spread my wings thing, dontcha know. Now that series…different pen name and whole other can of worms when the time comes for self-promotion. Oy Vey!




New Home, Yet Again

I find myself bouncing from blogging platform to blogging platform. I think I like the WordPress platform the most, so I intend to stay here for quite a while.

For those who are not familiar with me, my pen name is P.F. Whitney. I currently have sold two manuscripts, one to Silver Publishing and the other to Total-E-Bound. I am now in the process of editing the manuscript I sold to TEB as it is slated for release on April 9th. Being that I am a novice I can say that editing has been both a fun experience and one that I pray gets easier as I go along

I have been writing for myself for quite a few years and up until three years ago, I had never had the inkling to share my writings with the general public, but I bit the bullet and jumped into writing fan fiction. Seeing the place I dearly loved going down the tubes, I thought the time would be right to try to write for real. My skills are solid (at least, I think they are), but I find that I tend to get a little lazy at times and so, I am finding that editing is allowing me to see how and when I let the lazy take over for the sake of getting something written and out of my head to make room for other ideas or when I am truly involved and emotionally attached to what I have written. So, it’s been both good and bad.

I am also finding myself getting excited about the impending release as well as wanting to bite my acrylic nails off. The general reading public can be harsh critics and I have begun to wonder if I can take the good with the bad. I’d like to say that I can, but in my heart of hearts, I’m not sure. But, it’s too late to turn back now. I will have to see what happens and pray for the good and uh, try to steer clear of the bad.

So, let me give you a little information about me and what it is I write. I am a stay-at-home mother to a wonderful (most of the time) teenager and have just moved into my first home. I also recently got engaged, so there’s a lot going on in my right now. My writing style is… well, it’s all over the place. I don’t have one genre that I stick with, but I do have two themes that tend to stay pretty constant: angels and demons and mobsters. I think – no, I know I was born into the wrong time and writing about the 1920s and 30s affords me the opportunity to explore that point in history.

Well, I didn’t expect to write this much, but I am glad I did. You can follow the progress of sold manuscripts and ones still in the process of being written by clicking the link up there.

I hope you enjoyed your stay here and that you pop in from time to time to drop me a comment.