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Title No Longer Available, Part II

As you will notice, there are two more books that have been removed from the sidebar. Again, I will be polishing these up and submitting them to other publishers. 🙂



Once again, wish me luck!




Titles No Longer Available

Hey all…

Long time no talk. Well, due to some recent developments with Silver Publishing, three of my books are no longer available through them. I will be updating these titles and shopping them around to other publishers.



Wish me luck!



New Release!

My latest book Christmas Pics was released on December 21st! Unfortunately I was out of town and forgot to post the news here. I hope all who have picked up a copy enjoy it!




Long Time, No Post

Well, hello there. It’s been an awful long time since I have grace this blog with my presence. I would slap my own hand, but I might like that a bit too much. 😉

Okay, I have sold another manuscript. For the second year in a row, I will be included in Silver Publishing’s holiday series. I am very proud and honored to have my little short story accepted.

I am always working on something, so who knows what else may come down the pipeline. I have gotten a little wrapped up in real life and I hope to start devoting more time to this blog and other things. So, don’t give up on me just yet!




I’m Really Bad At This, Aren’t I?

I would have to say that is affirmative.


As I said in my previous post, I have had a lot of heavy things happening in my real life and I haven’t really been able to get back here as often as I once did nor as often as I like. The good are far outweighing the bad at the moment, so that is something I am really grateful for.




My book Faraway was released yesterday (you can pick up a copy by clicking the cover over there in the sidebar)! It is a short collection of fairy tale retellings. I had a lot of fun writing them and have a second volume in the works. At present, I am going through some of my favorite tales and deciding which ones I would like to tackle for the next installment. I am also still hard at work on the book written with my boyfriend as inspiration. I am about two-thirds finished with it and have been making great strides over the last few days. I am working hard to get the first draft completed in the next few weeks and have set the end of next month as the time when I will get it submitted somewhere.


That seems to be everything at the moment. Again, as always, thank you to those of you who have been purchasing my books and i sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them.





Long, Long, Long Time

No see…


I apologize for that. Life has taken some heavy twists and turns and I am rolling with the punches.


My book Voyeur came out on April 27th and to date it is my best selling. I’m quite proud of that as it was one of my favorite books to write. At present, my first anthology of fairy tales is awaiting publication. Be on the lookout for that one on June 22nd. I am also hard at work on a book for my new boyfriend. I am jumping genres and also pen names for that one. I am rather proud of what I have so far and I look forward to getting that one complete before my life gets way too hectic with him. 🙂


I hope any of you who pass through are enjoying my books and thank you so much for purchasing them.



Quick Update

Since my last post here, Fractured Heart has been released and has been selling wonderfully. I appreciate all of you folks who bought copies for doing so and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have recently received word that editing on my next release Voyeur will be starting soon. I am rather excited about that. I love the story of Voyeur more than anything else I have written…so far, and I am anxious for it to get out there in the world.

My release through Total-E-Bound, Welcome Home will be released on January 21st. I am looking forward to that and as always, I will be biting my nails praying people will like it. Keeping my fingers crossed for that one. 🙂

I made a resolution to get ten books written this year and I’m off to a good start. I have started something that was originally supposed to have been a one off, but some of the characters have been a little insistent, so it may turn in to a series. Here’s to hoping I can have storylines that keep me interested. If they don’t keep me interested, how is anyone else going to find interest in them, right?

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate and I send good wishes for the new year!