Submitted, Sold, Available

Out to Publishers/Sold Manuscripts/Available Now

On Angel Wings – M/M (Resubmitting)

When one of the angels of Heaven, the only angel to be created without wings, is sent from Heaven to retrieve the first angel created, he finds himself in a world very different from the one he is used to. Xavier has been to Earth on many different occasions, generally as punishment for something he has done, so when he is told he has to return, he is fearful as to his fate once he’s there. Along with the retrieval of the first angel created, nicknamed The Fallen, he must also help a man who is slated for death to regain his faith that Heaven and God exists. As he works on his tasks, he finds himself falling for the very angel he is sent to get and becoming friends with the mortal he is supposed to save.

Assassin’s Heart – M/M (Available Now)

When Rhys Metzger leaves his family’s small apartment for work, he has no idea that his day will end in murder. Having to work with a man who he despises wasn’t how Rhys wanted his day to go, but he’s forced to do so. Catching the man in a situation that is less than favorable, he finds himself killing the man and going on the lam. Being helped by a man named Evan, Rhys finds himself drawn into a world filled with murder and money. When he’s given the biggest job of his life, he finds himself falling for the target he is sent to kill. Not being able to do the job, Rhys is then confronted with a decision he is not sure he can live with.

Welcome Home – M/M (Available Now)

Holden Reid has never discussed his family with his lover, Devry Fincher. But when Devry happens across an invitation to the Reid family reunion, it’s not something Holden can avoid. Traveling back to his small hometown and his past, Holden finds out that keeping secrets can destroy his relationship and by telling them, it can repair others. New friends are made and old are rekindled.

Voyeur – M/M (Available Now)

Gage Sinclair is part owner of the newest and hottest club in the city, Voyeur. Chi Zimmer is a young man just moved to the city and looking for a job. When sparks fly between the two of them, will the watcher become the watched?

Faraway: A Fairy Tale Escape, Book One – M/M (Scheduled for release 2/15/2015)

As the title implies, a series of fairy tales, some set in modern day, others, not so much. Currently completed Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. Others are forthcoming. Stay tuned!



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